Historic Folding Ruler The Historic Folding Ruler shows 2.000 years of world history beside of 2.000 millimetres on two sides. For conveniance, an inch scale has been added. This amazing history book in wood from Jesus to the internet was invented and produced in Germany. Available in English, German, French and Italian.
Inventions Ruler The Inventions Ruler shows 200 years of human inventive genius from 1800 to 2000. The first battery, the first bicycle and the first tape recorder... All this is presented on the "event side" and "epoch side" of the ruler. Available in English, German and French.
yARTstick The yARTstick is a painting gallery in pocket size.
2000 years of art history in 58 selected paintings, from the Ancient Romans to the modern times. Printed in four colours on a wooden ruler with explanations on the opposite side. Available in English, German and French.

Prehistoric Folding Ruler The Prehistoric Folding Ruler shows the history of our planet with a focus on flora & fauna. With amazing pictures and the size of the main animals this ruler shows 5 billion years from Cambrian to Quarternary. Available in English, German and French.
Flowers Ruler The Flowers Ruler shows the flowers in the garden from spring to winter and the botanical names. This colourful ruler is a perfect gift for a lady. Available in English, German and French.
What is this? What is this? is a creative familiy memo game with daily life objects transformed into animals. A clothespin becomes a crocodile, the holey cheese mutates into the animal that produces it, and a ball of wool turns into a cute little sheep. Rules of the game in English, German, French and Spanish.
Hidden and Found Hidden and Found is a creative memo game full of fitting associations. Here every-day objects are transformed into faces. With the same backside of the cards like What is This? Rules of the game in English and German.
Shadow Monster Shadow Monster is a cute memo game designed by Stephanie Rothmeier, the 36 pairs are showing a monster and its shadow. Special rules make out of it a truly amusing game. Rules in English and German.
Who is Who? Who is Who? is a memo game for adults with polaroid pictures of artists wearing sleep masks. With John Malkovich, Bono, Claudia Cardinale. Marianne Faithful and many others. Photos by Freddy Langer, available in German, English and French. 
Musemo The Musemo is the memo game for the 35 museums of the city of Frankfurt. Each museum is shown by the building and by a typical object. It is the perfect gift to bring home from a trip to Germany. Rules in English, German, Spanish and Chinese. 
Fashion Tape measure The Fashion Tape measure is a flexible tailors tape rule that illustrates 300 years of fashion history. From Madame de Pompadour via Toulouse-Lautrec to Twiggy, every decade is represented by a representative costume. Box with the title in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.
The Gutenberg Serviette The Gutenberg Serviette brings the first page of the famous Bible of Johannes Gutenberg on your table. A middleage page in six colours for decoration. 20 napkins in the pack. Text in English and German.
Neat and Tidy Neat and Tidy is a one-of-a-kind set of four sponges, each especially designed for a specific task. For everyone who has ever felt like they've lost their grip on the sponge situation in their home. Explanations in English, German and French.