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What is this?

Discovering something special in every-day life and transforming it creatively with the new memo game What is this? and a bit of skill anyone can achieve it young or old. With motives by the renowned children's book illustrator Antje Damm, finally MeterMorphosen is introducing a memo game for children that is more challenging than usual, because its pairs consist of two different motives. When you find everyday things like carrots, a clothes pin or soap on the sturdy memo cards, of course, the question is: What is this? But it gets even more exiting when you think about what else may be hidden within the picture: perhaps a rabbit, a crocodile or an owl just to name the match to the given examples. With the second card, every-day objects are transformed into an animal: a sausage becomes a dachshund, a popsicle turns into a penguin. The 24 pairs of What is this? create associations and relations and thus promote intelligence through effortless play. This memo game not only is an assembly of marvellous ideas, but also an encouragement to examine things more closely, to get creative and to use your imagination.