The MeterMorphosen-Crew

The Frankfurt ‘non-book’ publishing company MeterMorphosen has been creating products which focus on meaningful content since January 1999. The owners of the company are responsible both for developing ideas and designing products. In addition, MeterMorphosen regularly turns the creative ideas of authors into reality. The company’s product design is guided by the principle of uniting different concepts or items in order to make a new, coherent whole. Generally, these tend to be educational products with a special charm, which create a unique interplay between content and design.

MeterMorphosen’s five person team place great importance on both aesthetic quality and intelligent content. The most successful product is the Historic Folding Rule, which captures 2000 years of world history over a length of 2000 millimetres. Translated into five languages, this multi-function, longstanding bestseller has sold over 1.2 million copies. Many other contents have been transformed into other other rulers.

MeterMorphosen is also well known for creative memo games for children (What is this?, Shadow Monster, Hidden and Found) and for adults (WHO is WHO?). Current bestsellers in German include ‘Das Gemischte Doppel’ (‘Mixed Doubles’), a linguistically creative memory game for adults and ‘NIMM 3’ (‘TAKE 3’), a set of gourmet cards containing recipes from famous chefs which are limited to three ingredients. Each of these elegantly designed products makes for an ideal present for that person in your life who already has everything.

In the product list we show only those products which are available in English language.