Hidden and Found!

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Hidden! Found? is a creative memo game full of fitting associations. This compact memo game transforms every-day objects into a face in no time at all – or, the other way around, challenges you to discover the sometimes well-hidden elements in the faces. Hidden! Found? is the smart successor of the MeterMorphosen memo classic What is this?, where every-day things are transformed into animals.

Hidden and Found! – The memo game by Antje Damm

The new game is about finding matching pairs in which an object either turns into a face or can be found in a face. Spaghetti turns into an impressive head of hair, a pancake takes the shape of a face, a key appears as a pair of glasses and a belly button suddenly becomes a mouth. Antje Damm has written several philosophical children’s books (i.e. Frag mich!, Nichts und wieder nichts) and has earned various prizes for them. In the book of the same title as the game, published by the Gerstenberg, the motives additionally feature rhymes created by Susanne Koppe.