History by the meter

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2000 YEARS - History by the meter

Its basic principle is straightforward: The »Historic Folding Rule« captures the past 2 000 years of history in detail and to the point on a length of 2 m. The METERMORPHOSEN® rule presents a sophisticated selection of essential data providing a survey of social history and the histories of thought and art.

On the event side, each centimetre represents ten years of world history. It recalls significant data from the Roman times until the Millennium, from Jesus Christ to the Internet. The periods side presents world history divided into its fundamental periods. Entries on intellect, powers, and the arts on a backdrop ranging from LATE ANTIQUITY until the MODERN TIMES provide a context for individual events. For convenience, an inch scale has been added! The wooden ruler made in Germany is a big success in bookshops and museum stores worldwide.

Available in French, German and English.